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Vol 23. no 2
June 2018

Alternative food allergy tests (summary)
Kinga Lis, Zbigniew Bartuzi
There are a number of unconventional diagnostic methods and laboratory tests whose application in diagnosis of food allergy is sometimes suggested by physicians, dietetitians or advocates of the so called „clinical ecology”, atrenative medicine practicioners and by patients themselves. The results of such tests are not reproductible and there is lack of research to confirm their clinical usefulness in detecting allergies or food intolerance. Among these methods there are both in vitro tests (food-specific IgG testing, microbiome analysis), ex vivo tests (cytotoxic testing) on the samples collected from the patient and in vivo trials (pulse test, iridology, electrodermal tests or VEGA tests). The creators and propagators of these tests maintain that they detect „hidden allergies” which cannot be diagnosed by means of recognized medical tests. It is unnadvisable to apply any of such unconventional and unproved methods in diagnosing food allergy. Keywords: food allergy, food intolerance, unproved and unconventional diagnostic tests
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