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Vol 23. no 2
June 2018

Difficulties in the diagnosis of allergic diseases (summary)
Katarzyna Napiórkowska-Baran, Marta Tykwińska, Joanna Kołodziejczyk-Pyrzyk, Natalia Bąkowska-Kocik, Robert Zacniewski, Zbigniew Bartuzi
Diagnosis of allergic diseases is one of the most difficult in medicine. Detailed gathering of a medical history, especially if it concerns food allergy is a big challenge, among others due to the amount and variety of food intake, the presence of cofactors, or the use of food additives. The problem is also the presence of the so-called hidden allergens. Diagnostic process is also complicated by the lack of precise research tools, which are characterized by 100% sensitivity and specificity. Each of the methods used has its limitations, and the negative result is not the basis for the exclusion of allergies. The article presents problems that may be encountered by a doctor diagnosing allergic diseases. The authors hope that it will be helpful, especially in those patients whose clinical manifestations do not correlate with the results of the tests. The more so that allergic diseases are an increasing problem that affects not only the patient himself, but they also constitute a social and economical problem. The symptoms of allergic diseases are so troublesome for patients that they have been combined into one disease entity known as: allergic irritability syndrome. Keywords: allergy diagnostics, skin prick test limitation, hidden allergens
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