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Vol 25. no 4
December 2020

The importance of specific immunotherapy in the treatment of food cross-reactions (summary)
Tomasz Rosada, Natalia Ukleja-Sokołowska, Zbigniew Bartuzi
Allergic cross-reactions are a common clinical problem. They are a challenge for both scientists and clinicians working on a daily basis with patients. The current development of molecular biology has allowed for a more precise definition of reactions and mechanisms responsible for the occurrence of allergic cross-reactions. Recent years have also strengthened the importance of specific immunotherapy in the treatment of inhalation allergies, but we still have no conclusiv evidence of their effectiveness and safety in the case of symptoms arising in connection with cross-reactions. In this article, the authors try to explain the basic mechanisms of allergic cross-reactions and methods of treating the symptoms associated with them, especially in the light of the popularity of specific immunotherapy.
Keywords: allergy, cross-reactions, specific immunotherapy
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