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Vol 27. no 4
December 2022

The effect of bacteriophages on the activation of the human respiratory epithelium (summary)
Janina Łucja Grzegorczyk, Jagoda Stanisławska, Kinga Słowińska, Aleksandra Karyś, Marzanna Jarzębska, Bogusław Tymoniuk, Maciej Chałubiński, Adrian Gajewski, Marcin Kurowski, Marek L. Kowalski
Bacteriophages show anti-inflammatory properties by affecting the immune system by lowering the level of cytokines and other pro-inflammatory mediators. The epithelium of the respiratory tract is an important mechanical defensive barrier of immunity. It also plays a key role in controlling many of the functions of the airways. It is a source of cytokines and mediators involved in the inflammatory process. In this study, a divergent, time- and concentration-dependent effect on the synthesis of 15-HETE as well as the regenerative properties of the respiratory epithelium was demonstrated. The results obtained in the study may allow for a better understanding of the influence of bacteriophages present in the human body on immunological processes.
Keywords: bacteriophages, airway epithelium, inflammatory mediators, regeneration, inflammation
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